Honcho Poncho is a four-piece American alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington. They collectively weigh close to seven hundred pounds. Grown from northwest soil, these good-boys can provide a steady groove to your day or night. Permanently borrowing sounds from modern day crooners like Jeff Tweedy and Mark Kozelek and style from your estranged cousins closet, Honcho Poncho aims to keep your toes tapping and your heads bopping as they fire you up and cool you down. Their self produced and recorded debut full length, "Late Night" was released November 25th.

"Who’d guess that five scruffy young Seattleites in 2016 would sound like America (the band) circa 1975? This rangy jam’s ambling tempo and goodtime delivery belie singer Sam Gelband’s underlying anxiety about late-onset adulthood. Nimble lead guitar by Owen Proto, complex but effortless composition and a soaring crescendo deepen the easy appeal of this modest masterpiece."


-Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts Magazine



"Honcho Poncho showcases their ability to combine a unique, soft style and honest lyricism with a self-produced and engineered authenticity, proving themselves to be a group to watch."


-Fiona Woodman, Contributing Writer for The Portland Mercury



"Late Night is a lush, joyous album.  The melodies are positively addictive; as soon as the eight tracks end you just want to start them over, and drink them in again."


-Lily Myers, BUST Magazine, Author of forthcoming This Impossible Light



"I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm looking forward to it."


-John Stirratt of Wilco

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